Somerville Garden Club

December 9th, 7-9pm

On Wednesday, December 9, the Somerville Garden Club will host a program focusing on trees in the urban landscape.

Paul Harlow from Cambridge Landscape Services will be discussing individual tree care in Somerville and how residents can take care of their own trees, as well as the city trees that are near or adjacent to their property. With the recent completion of the citywide public tree survey, renewed appreciation of trees on both private and public property is needed to sustain tree health and support the overall contribution of trees to the environment. Suggestions on the types of trees that thrive in an urban setting, and the best tree planting methods will be a part of the discussion.

David Levitt is a self-taught artist interested in the “look” of things rather than in a record of what’s out there. Levitt believes that trees have played an important role in the belief systems of many peoples – partly because the complex shapes and textures of trees evoke visions of faces and attitudes. “Seeing Trees’ is a series of images he sees in trees.

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