Somerville Garden Club

Got leaves?

A resident wrote to ask what to do with all of his yard waste this fall – specifically, does SGC know of anyone who would come cart away all of the stuff so that he wouldn’t need to fill a jillion yard waste bags and haul them to the curb. I am not aware of a such a service, though it wouldn’t hurt to call a landscaper to see if they would do this (for a fee, I would imagine).

If you have a supply of leaves (who doesn’t in the fall?) you might consider shredding them. Here’s a pretty good article on the benefits of leaf mold, as well as this one for uses for shredded leaves. Here are also some videos talking about how to make leaf mold and how to use it. These sources say it better but in summary, leaf mold provides the same benefits as a good compost to the soil – nutrients, better moisture retention, better drainage, etc. And it’s free!

If you still aren’t convinced (or don’t have the room to store leaves for a year), the City of Somerville will be picking up your yard waste every week through the first week of December.

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