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August 11, 2021 Virtual Meeting – Mini-meadowscaping for small yards and hell strips

Human-caused challenges such as climate change, toxic chemicals, overpopulation, and overdevelopment have seriously decreased the habitat available for beneficial insects such as pollinators, and for song birds and other wildlife that depend on insect larvae for food for their young. “Meadowscaping” – gardening with native plants – is a promising way to increase the number of pollinator-friendly plants and the pollinators they support, even in densely populated Somerville. Barbara Passero, Founder and Director of Meadowscaping for Biodiversity (MS4B), based in Waltham, MA, has developed methods for turning small spaces such as rock gardens, rain swales, and hell strips into rich habitats that can serve nature and humankind for years. She will show slides of beautiful and  successful gardens that inspire communities to move outside their comfort zone of the usual lawn to understand how they can increase the function and value of their land.

Barbara Passero, Founder and Director of Meadowscaping for Biodiversity (MS4B), based in Waltham, MA, says her love of nature came from her parents and from looking closely at wildlife while wandering the former farm fields, wetlands, and blackberry patches that surrounded her street in Mayfield Heights, Ohio.  She has shared her love and respect for nature as a director and member of several local environmental groups, as director of the MIT Sea Grant Program’s Marine Resources Information Center, as librarian for the Environmental Sciences Department of the Mass. Audubon Society, as editor for Mass. Marine Educators (ocean science teachers), and for educational programs provided for the students and staff of MS4B’s flagship program, the Youth Environmental Entrepreneurship Program (YEEP) for high school students, ages 15-19. She has also edited a book called Opposing Viewpoints: Energy Alternatives, and other reports and newsletters for environmental programs.

All Somerville Garden Club meetings are free and open to the public. 7-9pm. If you are interested in attending our virtual meeting, but have not received the meeting link via email, or are not a SGC member, you can email for the link.

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