Somerville Garden Club

June 9, 2021 Virtual Meeting – Victory Gardens: How a Nation of Gardeners Helped to Win the War

Victory gardens provided 44 percent of produce in 1944, and they could be found anywhere from backyards to rooftops to public squares. Victory gardens provided food and promoted morale during World War II. In this slide illustrated talk we will trace the victory garden movement, including urban gardens, school gardens, food preservation, and ration book cookery; we will also look at the British Dig for Victory campaign, Hedgerow Harvest program, and Women’s Land Army.

Judith Sumner, PhD, is a botanist and author with particular interest in the historical uses of plants. She is a frequent lecturer and has taught for many years at colleges and botanical gardens.  She received The Herb Society of America’s Gertrude Foster writing award in 2007 and the American Horticultural Society Book Award in 2005.  Her newest book is Plants Go to War, A Botanical History of World War II.

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