Somerville Garden Club

August 12, 2020 Virtual Meeting: Wildflowers Spotted in Northern Ireland 

Mary Person, a longtime SGC member with a lifelong fascination with plants and gardens, will give a presentation of highlights of a walking trip along the coast of Northern Ireland. The focus will be wildflowers she spotted along the way, but will include some other sights as well.  Mary Person was one of the founding members of the SGC in 1994. She began gardening in her family’s huge vegetable garden as a child, and has a lifelong fascination with plants and gardens.

If time permits following Mary’s talk, the SGC Program Committee will lead a Round Table Q&A to answer attendee’s garden questions.

This meeting will occur online. Club Members, please check your email for login information.

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Black swallow wort with pods

Be on the look out! Now is the time to pull out the Black Swallow-wort (or pinch off the pods) where you can find it.
More information about this unwanted invasive plant.

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