Somerville Garden Club

July 8, 2020 Virtual Meeting – Urban Gardening

Urban Gardening involves growing food and ornamentals in small spaces. Whether you have a huge yard without the time or desire to tend it all, or an apartment with no outdoor space, this talk presented by Gretel Anspach will give you tips and techniques to start and maintain a garden you can call your own.  In this survey Gretel will cover considering alternatives to the standard sources for light, water and nutrients that plants need, for people who don’t have much space, or perhaps no yards at all.  It touches on container gardening and hydroponics.  

Gretel Anspach is a Trustee of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, a Lifetime Master Gardener, education coordinator for the Massachusetts Master Gardener Association and a retired systems engineer for Raytheon. Gretel helped to establish and maintain two food production gardens that have provided fresh produce to the Marlboro Food Pantry for the last nine years. 

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