Somerville Garden Club

Meeting – April 8, 7-9pm

Plant Propagation

Joe Rajunas from the Master Gardner Speaker Bureau will speak on plant propagation. Joe is a retired chemist and has been gardening in one way or another since he was five years old, when he weeded his father’s Victory Garden in the Boston Fenway area. In addition to a small backyard garden, Joe built his own greenhouse in which he grows orchids year round and practices plant propagation techniques.

His talk will be an overview of the methods of sexual and asexual plan propagation including a discussion of seed collection, plant breeding and nomenclature and the methods of asexual propagation including division, cuttings, layering (demonstration), grafting and cell culture.

All Somerville Garden Club meetings are free and open to the public. Meetings are usually held the second Wednesday of each month at the Tufts Administration Building, (TAB), 167 Holland Street, second floor, wheelchair accessible. Parking is available, and the building is a ten-minute walk from the Davis Square MBTA stop.

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