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One cucumber too many?

A new (to us) website was mentioned in the New York Times this past week –, which sounds like just the thing if, like us, you just harvested 16 pounds of cucumbers, and the plants show no signs of slowing down.

We’re planning on pickling as many as we can (with the tips we got from Peter Heller at the August SGC meeting!), and have already concocted a pretty nice cucumber sorbet/slushy mix*, but daunting is a good way to describe what the next month or so will be like in terms of cucumber harvesting.

* Puree a few skinned, seeded, sliced cucumbers in a food processor. Add some sugar, lime juice, a dash of salt. Put it in a container in the freezer and let it start to freeze. You can treat it like a granita, and stir it every hour or so that it doesn’t freeze into a solid block, or put it in an ice cream maker if you have one (NOTE: the granita method works pretty well for those who are ice cream maker deprived). Add some gin or vodka, and that will also slow down the freezing (and make a mighty tasty drink – add tonic and a straw!) I also think some mint might be a nice addition, or basil, or jalapeños…

For those who need an actual recipe this looks like a good one to start off:

or this one, for a savory take:

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