Somerville Garden Club

August 12, 2009 7-9pm

The Local Edible Bounty of August
On Wednesday, August 12th, the Somerville Garden Club will feature three local experts to illustrate “The Bounty of August”:  garden designer and herb specialist Seija Hälvä, artisan-cheesemaker Lourdes Smith, and gardener and pickle-maker Peter Heller.  Later we will taste the subjects of their talks.

Seija Hälvä will tell us about some of the less known of hundreds of species of herbs, and edible flowers, with which we can cook and concoct drinks, and use for healing.  Seija will review how and when to harvest herbs and flowers, and how to enjoy them at their best.

Lourdes Smith, owner of Fiore di Nonno in Somerville and developer of many varieties of fresh mozzarella, will share her family history of cheesemaking and hopes to demonstrate how she recreates her grandfather’s handcrafted specialty.

Peter Heller, a long-time member of the SGC, will tell us about growing and pickling various kinds of cucumbers and other vegetables, such as beans, beets, and green tomatoes.  He will offer tips for growing cucumbers and describe various techniques for pickling and canning these vegetables.  And he will share his own recipes.

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