Somerville Garden Club

Winners of the 2019 Greening Somerville Garden Contest.

Greening Somerville Garden Contest
Congratulations to our winners!

Vegetables: 3rd Prize Erin Geno
Vegetables: 2nd Prize Michele Ostraat
Vegetables: 1st Prize Leanne Darrigo

Storefront: 2nd Prize
Dave’s Fresh Pasta
Storefront: 1st Prize
Thalia Tringo Real Estate

Balcony, deck or patio: 3rd Prize
Frances McCormick
Balcony, deck or patio: 2nd Prize Peter Kirschmann & Christine Koh
Balcony, deck or patio: 1st Prize Rob Page Garden: 3rd Prize Macy Coffey & Anastasia Zagoskina

Garden: 2nd Prize (Tie) Kathe Gregory
Garden: 2nd Prize (Tie) Kristin Bumiller

General: 1st prize Lucy Borodkin

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