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Mystic Community Garden wish list

It’s spring, and time to start thinking about starting our gardens up for the season. The Mystic Community Gardens gardeners are doing the same, and could use some materials and supplies for the coming season.

  • Roses: vigorous climbing and rambling types, tough species roses, wild roses, preferably disease/pest resistant hybrid types – to beautify and secure our borders and new fence
  • Hardy Perennial Plants or seeds: Flowering types – for our “Flower Market”/”Farmers Market” fundraisin garden. Annual flowering plants or seed okay too!
  • Trellises and Arbors: Sturdy types that can support vegetable vines, and to beautify our garden entrances and sitting areas with fragrant flowers
  • Folding Tables: portable, lightweight; and Community Bulletin Board/Notice Case – preferably weatherproof, with clear Plexiglas door on front for our community education and children’s activities
  • Lumber and Wood: safe and non-pressure treated types, weather resistant (ex. spruce, cedar) – preferably 4×4’s, 2×4’s, but odd sizes are okay too. They should be paint-free, new or recyclable.
  • Soil Amendments, Organic Fertilizers: Needs to be organic. Amendments such as screened soil/loam, screened aged compost, dehydrated cow manure – any organic/OMRI certified gardening and farming products. Partially used bags are welcome!

To read more about the gardens:

To join the Friends of the Mystic Community Gardens, to volunteer at our garden, and to get more information you can go here:,

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or phone them: (617) 623-6633

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