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Permaculture Lecture – Toby Hemenway

This was sent in by a couple different people as something the SGC audience might find interesting. There are two events here, one on Saturday, February 27th, and another on Sunday, the 28th.

Saturday, February 27th 7-9pm
A Presentation by Toby Hemenway: What Does Permaculture Look Like?

Sponsored by the Urban Homesteaders’ League, the Tufts Food Systems Planning Coalition, and Tufts Slow Food

Sliding Scale: $15-25 (Tufts students are free.)
Buy tickets here:

Raffle for a free ticket to Toby Hemenway’s permaculture workshop on Sunday! Submit your name at the door when you attend Saturday night’s lecture.

Location: Tufts University/Pearson Hall RM 104
62 Talbot Avenue Ave, Medford, MA 02155

Permaculture is an increasingly popular set of solutions for sustainable living that is based on ecology. This presentation will show how permaculture works, and will give examples and images of permaculture in practice around North America. Whether you are new to permaculture or an experienced practitioner, this lively evening with one of the world’s best-known permaculture teachers will offer both principles and practical steps you can take toward living more sustainably.

Sunday, February 28th, 10-3pm
A Workshop with Toby Hemenway: Permaculture Solutions for City and Suburb

Sponsored by the Urban Homesteaders’ League

Sliding Scale: $40-$80 (Full and partial scholarships available.)
Reserve a space here:

Location: The Democracy Center
45 Mt. Auburn, Cambridge, MA 02138

How does permaculture work in urban and suburban places? Though land may be limited, cities are rich in other resources, especially social capital. This workshop will show how to find, harvest, and integrate the many resources in our cities in sustainable ways, including getting access to land for gardening, creating business guilds and networks, learning the pattern language of the city, creating public space in neighborhoods, and building urban ecovillages. We’ll learn how permaculture’s principles and design methods apply to the dense, rich environments of our cities, and how to leverage the special opportunities that cities provide.

Toby Hemenway is a writer, university professor, and freelance educator based in Portland, Oregon. He is the author of “Gaia’s Garden: A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture”, which for the past seven years has been the world’s best-selling book on permaculture. Toby is an adjunct professor in the School of Graduate Education at Portland State University, and Scholar-in-Residence at Pacific University. His writing has appeared in publications such as Natural Home, Whole Earth Review, and WorldWatch, and he has taught workshops all over the continent and in many countries.

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