Somerville Garden Club

Scholars Program announced

Since its inception, SGC has been endowed with many knowledgeable and experienced members, including several master gardeners and landscape designers. This pool of talent has helped make education a central component of the club’s activities, and after 15 years, SGC is a recognized resource on sound gardening practices, the use of native species, conserving water, and other topics relevant to the urban environment.

To continue the growth and sharing of knowledge, the SGC Board has approved a new benefit to be launched this spring. The SGC ‘Scholars Program’ will reimburse 50% of tuition for classes and workshops relevant to the club’s broad mission. If members pursue an area of interest hopefully they will also share it with the community. Members will be able to receive 50% of the cost of a course or workshop, up to a maximum of $250, payable on completion of the coursework and submission of a short written synopsis.

For more information on the Scholars Program, and how to apply, click here.

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