Plant Sale

The Somerville Garden Club holds one of the best plant sales in the Boston area. Club members divide and donate time-tested favorites as well as plants they have just discovered.

When: September 16, 2017, 9 am – 1 pm

Where: Davis Square (at the intersection of College Ave. and Holland St.)

Instructions for Plant Donations:

  • Put the plants (including houseplants) in an appropriate size pot, so that the roots aren’t sticking out of the pot. Pot up plants in August to ensure the roots will have settled in the soil, rather than coming out of the pot bare root.
  • Add potting soil as needed.
  • Water well but do not fertilize.
  • Brush soil from the pot and wash the pot so it presents well.
  • Cut off any wilted, browned or yellow foliage and cut back stems that have already, so the plant looks neat.

When you are considering which plants you are thinking of donating, please keep in mind that we will not accept plants that are considered invasive to Massachusetts. You can find that list here: Massachusetts Invasive species list

Each plant will need a label noting the following.

  • name (latin and common)
  • a description of the plant
  • light requirements
  • soil requirements (e.g. dry, watering tips)
  • bloom time and color
  • size when fully grown
  • any other information the plant’s new owner will need (stake early in the season; leave to overwinter as food for the birds)
  • Don’t hesitate to also note any particularly appealing characteristics! For example, we will be adding a ‘native’ sticker to plants that are native to North America. Help us out by noting that in the comments if you know your plant’s origins.


You can print out labels using one of these handy templates:

Drop off Locations

Drop off locations will be open for donations starting September 9.

  • 30 Day Street in Davis Square
  • 2 Westwood Road opposite the museum


You can help us publicize the event by printing out posters to hang at your favorite coffee shop/work place/car window/telephone pole.

Link to Poster PDF