Somerville Garden Club

Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Do I have to live in Somerville to be a member of the Somerville Garden Club?

Answer: Absolutely not!  We welcome people from all over to join the Garden Club.

For general membership questions, you can email the Membership Coordinator.


Question: How can I obtain a community garden plot?

Answer: The Somerville Garden Club does not manage the community gardens in Somerville. You want to contact the City of Somerville’s Community Garden Coordinator, Pearl at, and provide your address and contact information. She will identify the garden that is the closest to your address and refer you to the volunteer coordinator of that garden, who will either assign you a plot or place you on the waiting list, if no plots are currently available in that garden.

Question: Where are the gardens located?

Answer: Somerville has community gardens located throughout the City.

  • Allen Street Garden near Union Square
  • Durell Garden on Beacon Street
  • Glen Gardens, 
entrance off Hadley St., behind Glen Park
  • Walnut Street Garden behind the Walnut Street Playground
  • Avon Street Garden at 117 Summer Street
  • Osgood Garden behind Osgood Park
  • the Bikeway Garden, one block from Somerville T stop, on bikepath, behind Osco parking lot
  • the Tufts Community Garden on Tufts University Campus along Powderhouse Boulevard
  • Conwell Garden, near Capen Street
  • Garden at Morse-Kelly Playground


Question: Should I get my soil tested?

Answer: It is a very good idea to get your soil tested. You’ll find out how much you may want to amend your soil, the pH of your soil, and whether there is lead in your soil. Lead in the soil is a big concern for anyone looking to grow edibles.

Question: Where can I get my soil tested?

Answer: UMass Amherst provides soil tests for a small fee. Their website has instructions on how to prepare your soil sample.


Question: What zone is Somerville in?
The USDA maintains a hardiness zone map for the US.

You can see the map here:

Zip code 02143 is considered Zone 6b : -5 to 0 (F)